Water Ski Show Capital of the World

    The Wisconsin Water Ski Federation promotes water skiing, water safety and good sportsmanship throughout Wisconsin and elsewhere.

    Recreational Skiing

    Wisconsin is home to over 15,000 lakes, many with fantastic water skiing and boating fun.

    Show Ski

    Wisconsin is the Water Ski Show Capital of the World with nearly 30 teams performing entertaining shows for their communities all summer long.

    Traditional / 3-Event

    Slalom, tricks and jumping are the three events that make up traditional water skiing. Wisconsin is home to a dedicated 3-event community.


    Find plenty of glass water on Wisconsin lakes and rivers for competitive and recreational barefoot water skiing.

    Wake Sports

    Wakeboarding and wake surfing are among the most popular wake sports in Wisconsin. You'll also see plenty of kneeboarding and tubing.

    Show Ski

    Show skiing encompasses nearly all disciplines of water skiing. Pyramids represent the ultimate in teamwork and is a signature act of every water ski show.

    Adaptive Ski Programs

    People of all ages and abilities can enjoy the fun and excitement of water skiing in Wisconsin.


    Wisconsin is home to 10 collegiate water ski teams, some of which compete against other colleges and universities throughout the nation.

    Water Skiing

    We are the premier water skiing organization in the world, organizing and promoting world-class water skiing events and tournaments. We aim to provide everyone in Wisconsin an opportunity to learn how to water ski.

    Water Safety

    We encourage our members and the general public to be water competent. Water competency is the ability to anticipate, avoid and survive common drowning situations as well as recognize and provide assistance to those in need.

    Good Sportsmanship

    We believe behavior defines the character of each person. Good sportsmanship is about teamwork, playing fair, treating each other with respect, and learning to win and lose with dignity. It provides opportunities for life lessons for people of all ages.

    Become of a Member of the WWSF

    WWSF members represent over 15% of the total USA Water Ski & Wake Sports membership and over 40% of its members with NSS (show ski) designation as their primary sport discipline. The Wisconsin Water Ski Federation is highly-respected for its leadership at all levels of the sport and is well-known for producing world-class water skiing events.

    Our Sponsors & Supporters

    Purpose of the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation

    The Wisconsin Water Ski Federation promotes water skiing, water safety, and good sportsmanship throughout Wisconsin and elsewhere; encourages and supports the formation of water ski clubs; serves as an educational, informational, and organizational center for water skiers in Wisconsin; disseminates information and news about water skiing; and presents annually the Think Tank Water Ski Convention & Expo, state championship events, and other events and activities in support of organizational objectives.

    Mission & Vision

    Our mission is to make it easy for members and others to learn about, participate and compete in all disciplines of water skiing throughout Wisconsin and elsewhere. We fulfill this mission by organizing, promoting and supporting world-class water ski events and tournaments; providing everyone in Wisconsin an opportunity to learn how to water ski; and having the most members and teams affiliated with USA Water Ski & Wake Sports. By staying true to our mission, we will realize our vision of Wisconsin as the Water Ski Capital of the World.