Water Ski Show Capital of the World

    Wisconsin State Water Ski Show Championships

    Individual Events Competition Running Order

    Revised running order as of July 14, 2021. Subject to change.

    Opening ceremonies at 8:45am. Competition starts with Swivel at 9:00am.

    There is NO check-in for individual events, BUT you will have a safety meeting for your event according to the following schedule:

    • Swivel will meet at 8:30am on the main starting dock.
    • Doubles will meet on the main dock immediately following the last swivel competitor.
    • Team Jump will meet at the top of the hill at the bay dock immediately following the last doubles competitor.
    • Freestyle Jumpers will meet at the top of the hill at the bay dock immediately following the last jump team.

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    Maggie Kelly

    Shae Landsverk

    Olivia Mayne

    Katelyn Jossie

    Erin Conner

    Meghan Martin

    Margaret Stebbins

    Krisanne Welles

    Brooklyn Wendricks

    Colleen Redding

    Faith Dix

    Ella Smedema

    Sarah Fiedorowicz

    Faith McHugh

    Pam Heineck

    Marina Cupp

    Presley Cupp

    Samantha Loschiavo

    Abby Langer

    Faith Passehl

    Josie Smerchek

    Gabbie Taschwer

    Kate Draeger

    Allie Krumrai

    Madi Hagemann

    Grace Petzold



    Denice Legois & Richard Legois

    Sydney Kasin & Brady Traeder

    Margaret Stebbins & Elias Stoehr

    Bella Seggelink & Alexander Ignasiak

    Kassedy Betka & Jon Weiting

    Kate Draeger & Jack Misina

    Makayla Bazeley & Zeke Tiedt

    Alison Sinitz & Jonathon Mohr

    Brynn Daane & Matthew Kownick

    Jessa Jochman & Carsten McHugh

    Grace Petzold & Ian Slatter

    Tessa Klemz & Jason Hook

    Megan Bolda & Michael Bolda

    Kylie Wallace & Brad Keuschel

    Rachel Parbs & Andrew Janus

    Danielle Bazeley & Will Bazeley

    Kimberly Stoner & Cory Krivitz

    Team Jump



    Northwoods Jump Team Collective

    Badwater Ski-Ters


    Rock Aqua Jays

    Freestyle Jump

    Cody Coffey

    Brandon Schleicher

    Sam Van Daalwyk

    Brady Hicks

    Brett Michaud

    Caleb Harrington

    John Kriegl

    Carsten McHugh

    Liam Klotzbach

    Cody Siolka

    Ethan Shulda

    If you are one of the competitors listed above, please refer to instructions from Maggie Muleski for submitting required paperwork/documentation and other information to compete.

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