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    Individual Events Competition Entry Information

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    Important Dates

    June 15 - Entry Open

    June 30 - Entry Deadline

    July 7 - Late Entry Deadline

    July 8 - Competition Field Set*

    July 13 - Payment/Paperwork Due*

    *Competitors in the announced competition field will receive email instructions for payment and paperwork submission instructions.

    Swivel Results

    Results from the 2020 Swivel Competition:

    1. Grace Petzold (15.80)
    2. Madi Hagemann (15.74)
    3. Allie Krumrai (13.83)
    4. Kate Draeger (13.53)
    5. Gabrielle Taschwer (11.84)
    6. Josie Smerchek (11.63)
    7. Faith Passehl (11.26)
    8. Abby Langer (11.26)
    9. Kailey Koehler (10.14)
    10. Sam Loschiavo (8.87)
    11. Sara Fredorowicz (8.86)
    12. Colleen Redding (8.36)
    13. Rylee Buchman (6.83)
    14. Shae Landsverk (6.30)
    15. Kamryn Rezin (5.10)
    16. Zayda Gerrits (3.13)
    17. Katelyn Jossie (1.30)

    Doubles Results

    Results from the 2019 Doubles Competition:

    1. Kim S. & Cory K. (16.04)
    2. Danielle B. & Will B. (13.13)
    3. Lauren Z. & Kyle K. (12.66)
    4. Rachel P. & Andrew J. (11.83)
    5. Sarah F. & Bear F. (11.70)
    6. Makayla B. & Harry D. (10.77)
    7. Kylie W. & Bradley K. (10.54)
    8. Samantha L. & Tim L. (10.44)
    9. Avarie G. & Gus R. (10.26)
    10. Hailey P. & Jon M. (9.96)
    11. Kate D. & Jack M. (9.60)
    12. Margaret S. & Elias S. (9.54)
    13. Denice L. & Rick L. (9.10)
    14. Megan B. & Michael B. (8.93)
    15. Abigail M. & Drew M. (7.94)
    16. Ella S. & Carsten M. (7.90)
    17. Onna G. & Ron S. (7.70)
    18. Anaya J. & Josh J. (7.14)
    19. Lindsey J. & Jon J. (6.66)
    20. Ashley H. & Alexander I. (5.97)

    Freestyle Jump

    Results from the 2020 Freestyle Jump Competition:

    1. Derek Buchman (453.34)
    2. Ethan Shulda (206.25)
    3. Dillon Brouch (193.34)
    4. Carter Buchman (169.17)

    Team Jump

    Results from the 2019 Team Jump Competition:

    1. Rock Aqua Jays (62.67)
    2. Mad-City (40.00)
    3. Blue Spring Lake (34.33)

    Process Overview - Important

    The WWSF passed new policies and procedures in late 2020 to make the entry process for Individual Events Competition a two-step process.

    Step 1 is entry (with no payment required at time of entry). Entry is being handled by online entry form, and is the only acceptable means of entering the competition.

    Step 2 involves setting the competition field, entry fee payment, and submitting required paperwork. This step is also being handled by online form submission, and is the only acceptable means of supplying the required information, payment, and paperwork/documents.

    Eligibility and Requirements

    Per section 16.7 of the WWSF Policies & Procedures: All Wisconsin state championships are open to all Wisconsin residents, summer residents, and/or individuals who participate more than 50.1% of their time during the Wisconsin water ski season (May through September) on Wisconsin bodies of water including boundary waters if their base is established on the Wisconsin shoreline. The state championships are open to residents outside the above qualifications, but may only ski for ratings, ranking, or points, and are not eligible for any Wisconsin state championship awards unless otherwise specified in these policies and procedures. Wisconsin residents who compete in a Wisconsin state championship event for awards may only ski for ratings, ranking, or points if they wish to compete in a different (other than Wisconsin) state tournament.

    Per section 16.7.1 of the WWSF Policies & Procedures: All competitors and participants including water skiers, boat drivers, riders/spotters, show ski personnel involved in the production of a show, etc. (whether they are residents or not as defined in the aforementioned section) must be full members of the WWSF and USA Water Ski & Wake Sports in order to compete and/or participate in any of the Wisconsin state championships.

    Competitors who do not meet the general requirements rule outlined in the WWSF Policies & Procedures section 16.7 (in its entirety) will not be allowed to compete under any circumstances.

    According to the WWSF Policies & Procedures section An affiliated club competing in the team jump competition must be comprised of members exclusively listed on the roster of that club, if entered in the team competition with the exception of the official tournament driver. Jump teams using members from multiple WWSF affiliated clubs or other teams must participate under a name that is completely different than that of any participant's club/team.

    Number of Entries - Total and by Event

    Individuals entries will be limited to 60 total slots ideally consisting of 21 swivel entries, 21 doubles couples, 8 jump teams, and 10 freestyle jumpers. While the total number of slots is not to exceed 60, it is possible that the number of entries in the individual events competition may vary from year to year.

    Entry Method and Deadline

    The method (USPS, email, or web-based solution) by which competitors enter the competition is to be determined by the host. The host has determined that the entry method for 2021 shall be entirely online. It is a two-step process for competitors, as noted above.

    The tournament host may establish the entry timeframe and deadline so long as the amount of time competitors have to enter is at least two weeks, typically beginning on/about June 15 and concluding on/about June 30.

    Entries may be revoked only by the person who originally submitted the entry, and may do so without penalty or fees by 11:59PM (Central) on July 7.

    Late Entries

    Late entries will be accepted through July 7 provided space is available within the 60 competitor slot limit.

    A late entry fee penalty of 50% of the entry feel will be assessed on top of the entry fee itself.

    No entries will be accepted after the July 7 deadline.

    Seeding, Payment, and Required Paperwork


    The top 10 swivel and doubles competitors, top 5 freestyle jumpers, and top 4 jump teams from the previous year will be seeded first, according to how they finished in the previous year, so long as entries are received by the entry deadline of June 30. (For example, first place from the previous year competes last, second place finisher from previous year competes second to last, and so on until all are seeded in the competition field.)

    If, at the time of entry deadline, any of the four events are not filled, there will be a round-robin selection to fill all of the 60 total competition slots. Round-robin selection of entries to fill the slots shall go in the following order: one from freestyle jump, one from team jump, one from doubles, and one from swivel and repeat until all slots are filled. Some events may end up with more than the original allotted numbers in order to fill all 60 competition slots.

    If at the end of the round-robin selection there are less than 60 total entries, late entries (received by 11:59PM on July 7), will be selected on a first-entered basis (by USPS potmark or date/time stamp for email or electronic entries), regardless of the event, and will continue until all 60 competition slots are filled or there are no more entries.

    If all 60 competition slots are not filled by the July 7 late entry deadline, the competition will proceed with the number of slots filled, and no additional entries will be accepted.

    The competition field will be set by 11:59PM (Central) on July 8 or as soon as all 60 competition slots are filled, whichever is sooner. The competition running order shall then be posted on various WWSF digital platforms (website, social media, etc.).

    If a competitor drops, for any reason, from the competition after the running order has been established, the next entered competitor in the same discipline (who isn't part of the established running order) will be afforded the opportunity to ski. Any such entries under these circumstances will be seeded first in the discipline and must pay the original entry fee and the late fee (if original entry received after the entry deadline).


    Individual events competition entry fees are as follows: Swivel ($60), Doubles ($85), Freestyle Jump ($60), and Team Jump ($100).

    Entry fees must be paid (most likely online) in full as required in the announcement email to entrants upon notification of the competition running order.

    If an entry fee is not received by the required deadline after the competition field is set, the competitor will be dropped from the competition, and still be liable for payment of the entry fee plus potential late fees. Payment of the fee(s) is required to maintain WWSF membership in good standing for the current and subsequent years.

    Required Paperwork

    Competitors will be required to submit required paperwork as indicated in the announcement email to entrants upon notification of the competition running order.

    If a competitor fails to submit the required competition documents by the specific date/deadline established by the tournament host, the competitor will be subject to a penalty of 50% of the original entry fee, and must be paid prior to the start of competition. Any missing competition documents must accompany the penalty payment.

    Pass Lists and Judges Forms (combined document) for Swivel and Doubles must be submitted to the tournament host by 11:59PM (Central) on the Tuesday, July 13 preceding the competition.

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