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    26 Ideas to Keep Non-Skiing Members Engaged

    26 Ideas to Keep Non-Skiing Members Engaged

    Here's a list of 26 ideas to engage the non-skiing members of your team in 2020. Even the skiing members on your team can do one or more these. Feel free to share this with the leaders of your team and others.

    Redesign or refresh your team website.

    Develop a plan for adding content and keeping it updated.

    Add capability to accept online donations.

    Update team social media profile/cover photos and general information.

    Develop a promotional plan/calendar for posts.

    Create a promotional video for your team.

    Use current photos and video footage from previous 1-3 years.

    Update or redesign print materials such as brochures or other publications.

    Conduct a thorough insurance review.

    Check to make sure everything is covered and that coverage is sufficient.

    Review and update bylaws and/or policies & procedures.

    Strengthen or repair relationships with local government and/or convention & visitors bureau.

    Get to know the key people in your city, town or county.

    Develop partnerships with other nonprofit organizations in your area.

    Start planning for 2021.


    Membership drives

    Show schedule

    Learn to ski clinics

    Participate in Safe Sport training.

    Repair boats, trailers, equipment, etc. as funds allow.

    Apply for grant funding.

    Grant requests don't have to be related COVID-19 hardships.

    Research the history of your team.

    Fill in gaps with photos, news articles and testimonials from past members.

    Support your existing sponsors, advertisers and donors.

    Help promote their businesses.

    Send them a note just to say "hello" or "thank you."

    Encourage and help members participate in programs/events specially designed for 2020.

    Represent your team at charitable events, drives and distributions as allowed.

    Be sure to wear your team apparel.

    Organize a shoreline cleanup day.

    Strengthen or repair your relationships with local media outlets.

    Explore new or improve existing team communication methods and tools.

    Review the NSSA rulebook.

    Explore opportunities to become a show ski official.

    Review boating laws in your state/area.

    Help with scheduling, communication or other tasks for practices as allowed in your area.

    Update any outdoor signage at your site or elsewhere in your community.

    Seek out opportunities to be part of your sound, announcing and stage crew.

    Learn how to setup and operate sound equipment.

    Learn how to edit music, combine tracks, record voiceovers, etc.

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