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Grant FundingThe WWSF established a grant fund to maintain healthy, growing water ski disciplines in the state of Wisconsin. Grant applications will be accepted at the Think Tank meeting (usually the annual meeting) each year. (See important dates below.) Recipients of approved grant funds will be notified by May 1 - approximately 45-60 days after Think Tank.

Recipients are then required to submit receipts to the WWSF Grants Committee by December 1. The committee will then approve and disburse grant funds after receipts have been received and verified. Grant funds will be paid within 30 days of receipt and verification of receipts. Approved grants shall be forfeited if receipts not received by the Grants Committee chair by December 1.

  2019 2020
Grant Applications Due Think Tank 2019 Think Tank 2020
Grants Approved By May 1, 2019 May 1, 2020
Grant Receipts Due December 1, 2019 December 1, 2020
Disbursement of Grant Money December 31, 2019 December 31, 2020

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Goals of the Grants Program

The primary goal of the WWSF grant program is to maintain healthy, growing water ski disciplines in the state of Wisconsin. The program is also intended to help individuals and teams become competitive within their respective sport disciplines as well as to start new clubs/teams.

Funding the Grants Program

GrantsFunding the grants program will come from 50% of the net proceeds from the WWSF Scott Coley Memorial Show Ski Open and 10% of the membership dues collected each calendar year.

Distribution of Grant Funds

Up to 50% of the funds allocated to the grants program will be disbursed each year for up to five years so that the fund shall have sufficient time to grow. At the end of five years the WWSF Board of Directors will evaluate the program and funding allocation annually.

Clubs/teams and/or individuals in good standing with the WWSF may apply for one of five different types of grants.

1 - Travel Subsidy

The travel subsidy provides assistance for teams and/or individuals to travel to regional and national competitions provided the team or individual has not participated for at least three years or can prove a hardship that would prevent participation in the current year.

2 - Entry Fee Subsidy

A team and/or individual may seek assistance for entry fee(s) for regional and national tournaments if the team or individual has not participated for at least three years or can provide a hardship that would prevent them from participating in the current year.

3 - Equipment Subsidy

The equipment subsidy provides assistance for teams only who demonstrate a need to purchase new equipment for club use due to financial hardship because of membership growth. Equipment subsidies are limited to skis, ropes, handles, straps or safety equipment such as rope releases, a backboard and radios. Purchase of club vehicles used for club business only may be built-in on a one-time basis.

4 - Training Subsidy

The training subsidy provides assistance for teams and/or individuals who would like to bring in training or coaching expertise and assistance to develop team or individual skills for the purpose of reaching higher levels in future competitions.

5 - Ski Site Improvement Subsidy

The ski site improvement subsidy provides assistance for such projects that make your site safer for skiers and spectators, make your site more accessbile for skiers and spectators or improve your site for use as a future competition site. (Site improvement plans must be submitted with grant requests that fall into this category.)

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Grants Program Guidelines

  1. Grant requests must be for future spending (after your grant has been approved), not for expenditures already incurred.
  2. Grant requests to subsidize fundraisers will be declined.
  3. Funds must be spent specifically for the purposes approved by the WWSF Grant Committee. These purposes must be of direct and immediate benefit to your organization.
  4. Funds for training purposes may include travel and accommodations, but cannot be used for trainer fees or salaries.
  5. Grant requests to subsidize maintenance of vehicles, boats, trailers or equipment of any kind will be declined.
  6. Financials may be requested in some cases as part of the approval process.
  7. Approved grant funds may not be held or carried over from one year to the next. If funds are not used in the year requested, funds will be forfeited and returned to the general grant fund.

About the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation

The Wisconsin Water Ski Federation promotes water skiing, water safety, and good sportsmanship throughout Wisconsin and elsewhere; encourages and supports the formation of water ski clubs; serves as an educational, informational, and organizational center for water skiers in Wisconsin; disseminates information and news about water skiing; and presents annually the Think Tank Water Ski Convention & Expo, state championship events, and other events and activities in support of organizational objectives.